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Can't see the Whole Screen

When in the program and you are unable to view all of the available options because the screen is not large enough, it could be because your screen resolution is set too small. The minimal requirement is 800x600 pixels. Follow the steps listed below to verify that your computer's resolution settings meet the minimal requirement.

Adjust screen settings to fix this problem

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Settings
    • Windows XP users: skip this step
  3. Click Control Panel
  4. Double-click Display
    • Windows XP users: if you don't see Display, click on Appearance Themes first, then on Display
  5. Click the Settings tab
  6. There is an area that describes either the Screen Resolution or Screen Area. It will have a number by another number and then pixels. (Example: 800x600 pixels) If these numbers are lower than 800x600 (Example: 640x480), then follow the instructions below to increase your screen resolutions.
    1. Click and drag the slide arrow to the right. This will increase both numbers that are listed below the slide arrow. Move the arrow until the numbers are 800x600.
    2. Click the Apply button (A message will appear.)
    3. Click the Ok button (Your screen will then change and display the new resolution setting.)
    4. Click the Yes button
  7. If your screen resolution is already 800x600 pixels, you may also need to change your font settings to either normal or small fonts. To do so, follow the steps below.
    1. Click Advanced
    2. Click the drop down menu for Font Size and click either Normal or Small (96 dpi)
    3. Click the Ok button
    4. Click the Close button
    5. Click the Yes button

If you are still unable to see the whole screen, then do steps 1 through 6 and select the screen size to be 1024 x 768.